Installation process

Step 1

Getting a quote. You can send through your plans, or make an appointment to meet with one of the sales consultants.

Step 2

Viewing material is an important part of the process, especially with natural stone as colours and veins vary from slab to slab. The only material that maintains a consistent colour is Caesar stone.

Step 3

Once the quote is signed, deposit is paid and the material chosen, your sales consultant will send through the plans to our production team. If only plans were sent through, and the quote was approved via the plans, our template team will go on site and do final measurements. Thereafter 4-5 working days we will be back to install your tops.

For a standard size kitchen, installation will usually be completed within the day booked for installation. We often have 2 jobs booked for the same day, so the installation may be later in the day. Please arrange access with your sales consultant. If it's a large or complicated installation, the process will take a few days to complete, your sales consultant will notify you if this is the case. Cutting stone is dusty, so we will need an outside area to do your cut-outs and tiny trimmings that is necessary. Our experienced fitting teams do their best to ensure a smooth installation. Please ensure you have all appliances (hob, sink, taps, counter top bins, popup plugs ect) on site so we can complete your installation.

Please discuss any specific details like under mount sinks and recessed hobs with our sales consultants during the quoting process.

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