What is Marble Stone?

Marble (and its wildly varying relatives: travertine, limestone and onyx) is a metamorphic form of limestone. Marble formed when sediment and other materials forged together beneath the weight of heavy bodies of water. After millions of years, these crystallized minerals resulted in a natural stone that is typically white with streaks of color, capable of taking a hard polish.

Marblestone is recycled natural marble that has been crushed, pressed, heated, and bonded with a very small amount of resin. The result is a material that retains all the beauty of marble, while offering the performance of a durable composite. Marblestone is less pervious to moisture and more resistant to scratches and stains than quarried or cultured marble. It is also a low-maintenance product that requires no special cleaning or polishing. With its superior performance, Marblestone is ideal for a wide array of applications.

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